Ben Frost

pure sugar

Australian pop artist Ben Frost has been exploring cultural criticism through his paintings for a long time now. His satires of the consumerist lifestyle and the entrapping nature of advertising have been shared and retweeted the world over.

Lodown hooked up with Frost some time ago for a Feature that you can read here. In the interview he talked about his disenchantment with mainstream culture and the stronghold that consumerism has had on our day to day lives.

For now though, his newest exhibition, PURE SUGAR - a playful and often confronting exploration of the nature of “excess” within our contemporary society - will be running in Los Angeles at the Corey Helford Gallery from the 6th of April until the 11th of May, 2019.

Using colorful and dynamic pop art motifs, Frost presents a series of  provocative observations of western culture that is as sour as it is sweet. The exhibition consists of over 70 new paintings, from large scale acrylic and spray paint stencils on canvas, to tiny hand painted “found” packages such as McDonald fry boxes, pharmaceutical packages, fashion bags and cereal boxes. Both a celebration and critique of consumerist culture, Frost’s work is paradoxically a love/hate affair with the colors, icons and logos of the advertising world that we are obsessively immersed within.

We figured most of you can't just fly out to LA on a moment's notice, so we thought we'd bring some of the exhibition to you.

Check it out!