M. Claudon & E. Bouet

unconcrete architects

French artists Mathieu Claudon (photographer) and Etienne Bouet (painter) teamed up once again for a new exhibition titled “Unconcrete Architects“ in Paris.

As for the previous exhibition, “Red XV“ in 2017, the starting point is the connection between architecture and skateboarding, this last considered as an art of movement and as a culture. This time, it's the spirit of "watercolors" used by the designers and architects of the beginning of the 20th century (Gropuis, Le Corbusier, Mallet-Stevens...), which is the project's guideline.

The artworks are a mix of photographies and painting. Mathieu Claudon shot some skateboard actions in front of urban background with his unique point of view. Etienne Bouet uses paint to erase and recreate additionnal architecture on it. The “Unconcrete Architects“ series create a singular universe in which the skateboarder abandons his main subject status to become a pretext for photography.

The grand opening will take place on Thursday, February 7 at Gallery Jacques De Vos, 7 rue Bonaparte 75006 Paris.