show & sell

Proudly presented by HAPPY SOCKS

Lodown Publishing continues to explore the current status quo of DIY zine-culture in the digital age with the second edition of Makin’ Paper at Berlin’s HVW8 gallery between 21st-23rd of August.

It’s about creativity, self-expression, optimism, playfulness and thinking outside the box - and therefore a perfect match for Happy Socks to get on: 

Happy Socks believes that life is nothing without creativity, and creativity that bounds from thinking differently is what makes the magic happen. We like to think that we put this magic into everything we do. It is also really important for us to support others that are making the magic happen and we are proud to present Makin’ Paper 2 with the amazing line up of artists.

We salute you and hope you swing by to have a look at our little show. Please bring your mask and never mind restrictions like 'only 20 people at a time' in the venue. We pray for nice weather.


a new MAKIN'PAPER shirt from EDWIN will be availble on set.