Maya-Ines Touam

révéler l'étoffe


“I try to highlight ambiguity, cracks, wealth or hope’s willingness.” - Maya-Ines Touam. 

Double nationality is a gift many would dream of but it can be difficult to deal with it on a daily basis. The work of young French-Algerian photographer Maya-Ines Touam turns around this constant repositioning of the cultural identity. The main question for the photographer is “How to sense the Muslim woman who changing with time, faithful to tradition, and at the same time wants to adapt to this changing world?”.

 Maya-Ines Touam took interest in feminine Muslim affiliation, walking between tradition and modernity. As a quest of her own identity she made a series of photographs of Muslims women with different points of view towards religion and femininity.  The series called “Révéler l’étoffe” – Reveal the Material – shows several portraits with a comment attached to each photograph by each woman and reveal the difficulties to deal between religion and one’s own personality. The photographs are perfectly capturing the beauty of each woman.

The vernissage in Paris took place at the quirky 28bis Art gallery.