Michael jang

Candid pictures of the Jang Family

Don’t we all enjoy taking pictures of our family? The San Francisco based photographer Michael Jang - well-known for his famous black and white pictures of Jimi Hendrix, Ronald Reagan and David Bowie - likes it too.

When Jang was studying the history of photography he needed something to take photos of, so he took the easiest and closest thing he could capture: his family. The photographer started to document his family in 1973 while they were in vacation in Pacifica, Ca. and never stopped. 

No one knew about Jang’s black and white clichés until 2003 when he decided that it was time to show the world what he kept hiding for three decades. He submitted some of the photos to San Francisco’s Museum of Modern Art. The museum then acquired several pictures of the Lang series to show in their permanent collection.

It is now possible to purchase The Jangs X Los Angeles – catalogue designed by the Berlin based Capucine Labarthe. This catalogue published and directed by Pascale Georgriv and Kingston Trinder is a smaller(48 pages) version of the original book. It was all printed at Milk Digital Los Angeles on 100% recycled paper.

Exhibition at KresselsKramer in Los Angeles from May 17th until June 13th, 2014.