chasing while relaxing

Adam Ten is the co-founder of the Dov Gummy collective (along with DJ partners Roni Amitai and Sheimus K) and of the Terra events, two movers and shakers of the Tel Aviv underground scene, aiming to colour the dark underground world in unusual locations around the city.

He’s prone to play all nighters, floating with the crowd and taking them on a smooth journey, fluently mixing a wide range of genres from Afro to Disco to Techno to Indie Dance and a touch of World Music as you all can hear in his Monday Mixtape.

He’s a weekly resident at the well known "Breakfast Club" in Tel Aviv and also playing the israelian key clubs "The Block", "Beit Maariv", "Bootleg Club", "Alphabet", "Aria Lounge", the "Forum Club" and others.

His first original material is about to come out beginning of next year.

His Lodown mix feels a bit like being thrown back to the middle of the summer, waking up kinda positively wasted in the middle of a forest glade on a festival weekend, but instead of getting up and grab some food, you tend to lay there, listen to this set in the near distance, watching clouds. Or in his words:

“This mix is my way to summarize this very packed (by a great experiences) summer in a way that I can preserve it. It is a very calm and different set, opposite to what that I play at the dance floor and very dissimilar from every other sets that I’ve previously recorded. It’s a mixture of slow tracks with a soft and relaxing sounds plus an addition of tiny but the exact right amount of Disco, bringing out the happy and chilled vibes of the summer”.



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