"travelling light"

We have to admit that we probably wouldn’t even know about Angophora if it weren’t for Die Orangen (a.k.a. Dreems and Kris Baha) who we interviewed in our latest issue Vehikel (3) and asked them what tunes they would compile for a road trip through Australia’s outback. Angophora was on top of their list, so we had to check it - only to find out that Angophora’s debut album „Scenes“ (Ken Oath Records) is a hell of a masterpiece oscillating between Tropical, Ambient, Balearic and New Age. Same as all their mixes that they compiled on their Soundcloud page. Superb super soft trips just like walking barefoot on moss, kissing trees. Angophora trees. And palms. Or, how they say „Our music and mixes is largely inspired by the Australian landscape.“ 

Honestly, drawing back from result to inspiration, I have to visit Australia soon.

Angophora is Jake Fugar and Max Santilli from Sydney and we’re glad we asked them for a mix otherwise we wouldn’t have this smoothie for you today. Slurp!





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