We know Artur8 for quite a while, sorry, for ages to be exact. Born in Cologne, growing up in Vienna, he soon found home in Berlin where he spent his teenage years throughout the late 80s and the 90s, where we met through skateboarding and raving. We occasionally bumped into each other in record stores and shared the love for left field dance music and parties. We hung out at the Nationalgalerie skate spot over the days and changed locations for the night together, clubbing at WMF, Tresor, E-Werk and the ongoing list of other long gone clubs of the heydays of underground raves of the reunited city. He wrote some stories for Lodown back then and all of a sudden disappeared to Warsaw in 1999 where his family roots are located.

We knew, he’d be a driving force of Warsaw’s night scene as he soon started King of Kong with his partner Max Skiba, founded the first polish electronic music festival „Astigmatic“, later „Sonic Fiction“ and countless parties in numerous locations, connecting the uprising polish scene with international artists. He’s the executive producer of Max Skiba and The KDMS, publisher, DJ and suffering from that illness of not being able to stop collecting records.

Over the years we never lost connection and stayed friends as he’s visiting his past hometown on a regular basis to play the clubs. The last time he spun records with a bunch of polish DJs at Kingsize Bar a few months ago. We had a fabulous night, talking, dancing and inbetween a couple of drinks we decided to have him on our show. So, here it is, our polish edition, featuring music from his friends, idols and some upcoming polish producers. Enjoy!

Truly yours,


Check him out on facebook to stay informed on what he’s up to, the new Max Skiba record on Intern, new KDMS stuff, King of Kong remixes and upcoming asia tour.

pic by : yulka wilam