She’s Garbage

in new york city

As the average New Yorker generates daily three pounds of garbage, you’ll be smelling the “rotten-egg odor” or tap into the slippery “garbage juice” spread around the trash cans most likely on a warmer day in New York.  

Skateboarder are adapting to the conditions of the urban jungle perfectly and garbage cans became a part of street skating decades ago. Alltimers are bringing joy to the messed up garbage scenario with this awesome clip, staring NYC greatest and Johnny Wilson's Paych cast members.

Trash in New York City: 
. New York City’s $1.2 billion Department of Sanitation is the largest municipal garbage operation in the world.
. 59 sanitation districts on 6,300 miles of streets
. 1,000 tons of residential garbage daily 
. + 11,000 tons of New York City garbage per day is coming from commercial buildings (picked up by private haulers, not the city)