monday mixtape: BRIOSKI

"you make me better"

DJ, producer and sound designer Brioski a.k.a. Claudio Brioschi has been around for while. With releases on household name labels such as Slow Motion Records, Nang,  Throne of Blood, Mad On The Moon, Codek (just to name a few) he should be no stranger to the ones following the leftfield dance scene. He’s also one part of Boot & Tax (with Christian Crose) whose shuffling and bumpy tracks make some stir since 2013 with releases on Optimo Music and Endless Flight.

Claudio’s early love of Disco, Funk and 90’s Rap led to an early DJ career in the Milanese scene in the 90s where he now is one of the movers and shakers, being respected for his long and eclectic sets. You’ll never know what you’ll get with Brioski - may it be slow or fast, wavy, discoish, tropical, cosmic or technoid sound - it’s always following a hypnotic path with a tasty focus on synthesizers.

Other projects include Tamburi Neri (with Andrea Barberi) and will be out on Ivan Smagge’s Les Disques De La Mort this spring and his new alter ego City Strike whose first release „Santa Monica“ just saw light on WATAJ Records. While mostly working hard as mixing engineer and sound designer in his Prisma Studio, he’s still finding time to produce new Brioski material.

We’re proud to have him on board on our Monday Mixtape cog. Enjoy!



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