Life in the Waiting Room

“Teranga“ is a 35-minute observational short-documentary about youth, music and conquering collective trauma. The three female directors of “Teranga“ filmed over two years: this film is a snapshot of the film’s protagonists during that time in Naples, as they wait in limbo for a response to their asylum request in corrupt migrant camps and find solace in Teranga, an Afrobeats migrant-run nightclub in Naples.
This short-documentary seeks to show asylum seekers as they are rarely perceived: ambitious, talented, and determined to achieve their goals, despite a dehumanizing immigration system. Fata and Yankuba fled poverty and a 22-year-dictatorship in The Gambia with very distinct dreams. Fata wants to become a world-famous DJ; Yankuba is an aspiring biochemist. Haunted by their journeys across the desert, Libya and the Mediterranean seas and dreaming of a future with indefinite leave to remain, they escape the boredom and fear of life by dancing away their trauma in Teranga.