monday mixtape: empathy slow


Kipras a.k.a. Empathy Slow became a resident DJ at his local club in Lithuania when he was only 16.  Since then he continues his journey, studying music production in London, where he played in various clubs. In 2016 he moved to North England to study Media, Music and Sound. Up north Kipras continued maturing as an artist and learned how to apply his creativity while occasionally performing around the area. In 2019 Kipras and his congenial Jack started a new up and coming Indie Dance record label – Inflect Records.


Empathy Slow would describe his style as Progressive electronica. He says "I have started this a long time ago, even though I would not push myself a lot as DJ I still have lots of valuable experience playing to different crowds moulding my own style with some influences from my roots." Therefore, he feels like he’s able to apply his creativity in different ways while playing and producing from electronica to techno. 



As the Sēpía cuttlefish have the unique ability to change their pigments using millions of cells in their skin, hence the name of his mix as it's full of different colours and tempos reflecting the ability to be adaptive. 





SC inflect rec