The indie movies worth your time in 2020

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Pop culture is arguably more varied than ever before, whether it’s through London-based photographer Spencer Murphy and his variety of works, or the way in which the modern media functions, we’re certainly living in different times. In fact, they’re mental.

One way in which we can wind down from the chaotic world we’re living in at the moment is by partaking in one of the many relaxing activities we have at the touch of a button away in 2020. Whether it’s catching a few Pokemon on your handheld device, playing games at the top-rated foxy slots in the UK or rather taking in some indie films a few mates recommended to you, the options are pretty much endless. When it comes to indie films, for example, the sophistication and all-round production of many releases of today is certainly better than what it used to be.

To help provide you with some inspiration and enable you to watch the best indie releases of the year so far, here’s a look at some of the indie movies worth watching in 2020.


Following the story of a 15-year-old Nigerian-British schoolgirl called Rocks, this movie highlights the typical life of a young girl of that age in the UK, with the demands of social media which has led her to set up her own Instagram account where she offers makeup advice. It all seems normal enough until Rocks’ struggles in life become clearer, and the absence of her mother is known. She is then forced to look after her little brother and try and make a better life for the two of them. Rocks need a helping hand, though, but will she get it?


Lynn + Lucy

Lynn and Lucy, two best friends and neighbours, are rocked when tragedy strikes Lucy’s family. Lynn is then forced to choose between her best friend and ignore the negative reaction in the community around Lucy, or to walk away from her altogether. Made by the up and coming filmmaker Fyzal Boulifa, Lynn + Lucy tackles many of the issues society struggles with today in what is a powerful and thought-provoking release.


Last Night In Soho

You’ve seen Shaun of the Dead, right? Well, the director of the British cult classic, Edgar Wright, is back with a bang. Last Night In Soho is a hark back to the 60s and a time when fashion was booming. In fact, fashion student Thomasin McKenzie is obsessed with it, although when she delves deeper into the industry, it’s not entirely what she expected. The movie is actually postponed to 2021. We will keep you updated.


A South Korean black comedy thriller, Parasite has earned filmmaker Bong Joon-ho a lot of plaudits since its release. The movie won the 2019 Cannes Palme d’Or, and it’s easy to see why. Following the story of a man who tutors the children of the rich and famous, it takes a turn for the worst as the unsavoury individual begins to infiltrate the homes of his clients, in what is a funny yet dark creation. Parasite also managed to get three Golden Globe nominations, which further highlights its excellence.



If you’re a fan of Black Mirror, then you’ll probably take to Vivarium too. When a house-hunting couple’s search for a new home takes a turn for the worst, this sci-fi is a completely surreal watch from start to finish. After purchasing their new property, the couple become stranded with it as they find themselves trapped in a home resembling hell. Word of warning, though: it might put you off from moving house ever again!



Other indie movies worth checking out are Waves, Nocturnal and Ema.