MONDAY MIXTAPE: Johnnie Walker


Seeking out the few record shops in his hometown of Albuquerque, NM, Johnnie inadvertently retraced the origins of hip hop and dance music hunting for funk and jazz records in high school. Led by his intuition and keen ear, he began to discover a broad sonic world through collecting records. These new sounds never left his psyche and set the foundation for his career as a DJ. Moving to San Francisco in 2000, he was immediately absorbed into the thriving dance and DJ scene. For over a decade Johnnie learned his lessons from the best in the Bay, honing his skills as a both a DJ and a dancer. Putting his taste, record collection, and love of dance to use - Johnnie became an underground local hero. With the support of long time friend and stalwart DJ/Producer, Nikola Baytala, he joined the crew of the now legendary Bionic Party at 222 Hyde (Originally started by Mark E Quark, Iz and Baytala). This led to an invite to become part of the DJ collective and Burning Man sound camp, Disco Knights. Since then, Johnnie Walker has continued to be supported by and play events and venues including Housepitality, Noise Pop, Underground SF, As You Like It, Monarch, and the iconic Sunset Sound Systems Campout. He now has his own event in San Francisco, "Como Tu Quieras", an intimate and eclectic gathering that showcases his broad range of musical influences.




The I Am Lecture by Thomas Willhite
Urban Monogamy (Velvet Season & The Hearts of Gold Remix) - Eva Geist
La Corde - Street Fever
Ement  & Voi Lu - 2015 (Original Mix)
Blood Flow (Soft Metal Edit)
Mister Wong (Jura Soundsystem Extended Edit) - Bella Vista
Freak Show - Luces
Toe Sucker (Klingebiel Touch) - Tunnel Signs, David Marston & Max Schmitt
Talking to Katz - Smagghe & Cross
Help Me (106er Edit) - Begin
Heroine Dub - Solitary Dancer
Talisman - Richard Rossa
Nothing is Perfect (Andrew Wetherall Remix) - Field of Dreams
Poli-ritmo I - Internal N.Y. Rhythms
Dernier Souffle (Malcolm remix) - Markus Gibb

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