Hisia Za Kina

30 years of sound mastering experince lay behind David Martín Rubio a.k.a. K-Effect from Toledo, Spain, polishing the sounds, doing final touches and collaborating with labels such as Nein Records, Beat Is Murder, Tici Taci (just to name a few) and producers like Zombies in Miami, Man Power, Freudenthal, Roe Deers, Bird of Paradise, Tkuz, Cannibal Ink, Curses, Tronik Youth and others. And yes, this might be a bit surprising for you now: he’s also producing music on some of the aforementioned labels and he's DJing, mixing wavey stuff, spacey nudisco, slow techno and bits of psych and acid. That’s what he did for us, a pitched down mix to escape into space for some 90 minutes. Enjoy!



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