MONDAY MIXTAPE: kito jempere

a day in the life of kito jempere

Kito Jempere is a musical polymath. The Russian artist, producer, multi-instrumentalist and band leader has been involved in many projects over the last ten years plus. These range from rock to acid jazz to electronic bands and often call upon a rotating cast of other members who are all equally talented. From DJing and playing in small bars to headlining big shows for thousands of people in Saint Petersburg, he has put out a number of albums and singles on labels like Freerange, Room With A View, Bahnsteig 23 and Hell Yeah, where he’s releasing his album „Sea Monster“ on April 14th, an album with elements of jazz, house, disco, balearic and many more sounds all smoothly blended into one coherent and captivating album full of soul and musical skill. 

He plays live as the Kito Jempere Band, and here he calls upon his bandmates for their many skills to lend the album a richly musical feel. Mixed and co-produced by band member Roman Urazov, the album features Artemiy Gunbin aka Noteless, the voice of the Kito Jempere Band and front man of his own rock band Videatape, as well as Ruslan Gadzhimuradov, a long time drummer on many projects, plus Matvey Averin, the bassist but also co-producer for cult group Manizha and finally Sergey Lipsky who here plays guitar and is also half of Simple Symmetry as well as having played for Kito’s other project Saint Petersburg Disco Spin Club.

This almost 3 hours mix might help you to bypass the time until his album hits the street and let us assure you: this extremely versatile mix is perfect spring material.



Playlist? Yeah, somehow somewhat of a playlist.

00:00—01:10. Alarm Clock 

01:10—03:35. Some sunlight 

03:35—04:35. Toothpaste 

04:35—08:40. Cornflakes & Milk

08:40—11:00. Sounds of asphalt 

11:00—15:06. Bus Stop 

15:06—15:09. Bus Arrived 

15:09—18:55. A Drive: Sea view thru the pines. 

18:55—23:15. Cue on the city entrance 

23:15—32:00. Thru city market and main street 

32:00—33:30. Building Entrance 

33:30—38:00. Elevator Up 

38:00—41:10. Empty room 

41:10—43:30. Phone calls 

43:30—58:00. Typing 

58:30—62:30. Memories 

62:30—66:00. Snowflakes 

66:00—69:00. Back to work 

69:00—73:55. Typing 

73:55—77:50. Elevator 

77:50—81:10. Cigarette and quick talk with a stranger 

81:10—85:55. Back to work 

85:55—86:45. Timelapse 

86:45—88:00. Something wrong with computer, stop typing 

88:00—91:50. iPod 

91:50—95:50. China restaurant 

95:50—97:30. Cigarette 

97.30—101:45. A Walk thru the city 

101:45—105:50. Ice reflections 

105:50—110:10. Unexpected call from old friend 

110:10—112:50. Cue at cinema ticket office 

112:50—116:00. Lights out 

116:00—118:20. A Movie 

118:20—119:30. The End 

119:30—125:50. Walk thru a city by night 

125:50—129:20. City heights. A Kiss 

129:20—135:00. Taxi 

135:00—141:10. iPod 

141:10—144:40. Home 

144:40—148:30. Glass of wine 

148:30—154:30. Cigarette on a balcony 

154:30—160:00. TV series in bed 

160:00—163:30. Thoughts of him. Off to sleep 

163:30—166:50. Distant Fireworks


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