hounds & guttersnipes

MAN2.0 a.k.a. Mark Bailey has spent much of the last two decades on the dancefloor, losing his shit to DJs like Alkan, Robertson, Smaagghe and any other DJ not afraid to play slightly left of centre. Initially, Mark played in some of the worst bands in West London never to leave the practice studio before becoming caught up in London’s  club scene, trawling London’s clubs like the End, Turnmills, the Cross and Fabric before London’s night life went a bit limp.

In recent years, Mark turned to music production as a means to aleviate his ADHD and after gaining some attention from the Ransom Note releasing EPs on Nein, Det Sync, Roam and Wonder Stories.

This year has seen releases on Melomana, Controlla and imminently on Dogma Traxxx.

Sporadic gigging seems to be getting more regular with Crescendo, Shit Disco and the Evil Plans nights all forthcoming as well as a recent blazing set at Alfresco At the start of the festival season. This mix gives a taste of what you might expect when you see him play out.

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