Peter Kirn is not just your typical producer/ DJ. This guy is living music. He's a technologist and journalist, the brains behind the celebrated musical tech website Create Digital Music, a classically trained composer and pianist, he worked on projects with the European Space Agency, the Polytechnic Museum in Moscow, festivals and conferences, such as TED, South by Southwest and re:publica, Mutek, CTM, Unsound, did workshops and open performance laboratories (MusicMakers Hacklab), collaborated with Benjamin Weiss a.k.a. Nerk of Tok Tok as Nerk/Kirn, and together with Raster-Noton's Robert Lippok and architect Arno Brandlhuber on the 4DSOUND spatial audio system.

And yes, he's released his second album „Bellona, USA“ on his own label Establishment just some weeks ago, that draws its inspiration from the universe of the fictional post-apocalyptic novel Dhalgren.

For us he did a superb dark ambientish mix which definetely is something new and special to our mix series. Take a deep breath and dive deep into this dystopian fall excursion.




Ariadne - "wounds renew" [ARIADNE]

AGF - "greim69 FOREVER {mended}" [AGF]

akkamiau - "pleasure is mine" [akkamiau]

Stephanie Sykes - "Hypo" [Full Panda Records]

Porya Hatami - "Dawn (feat. Tomotsugu Nakamura)" [Porya Hatami]

Arovane & Porya Hatami - "Becoming" [Karlrecords]

Lisa Morgenstern - "Codex UnaCorda" [ANTIME]

Peter Kirn - "Change of Shift, Pt. 1 (Steve Nalepa Remix)" [Establishment]

Mirt - "Afrikanische Völker I" [BDTA]

Ārash Āzādi - "Ascending From Underwater" [Establishment]

LXV - "Four In The Mirror Back (feat. Forest Management)" [PHINERY]

S Olbricht = "Onhom" [Proto Sites]

Lars Hemmerling - "Space Bolero" [Full Panda Records]

Lindred - "Logrouse" [ANTIME]

Akkord - "Monolith" [Akkord]

KATE NV - "Размышление / Thinking" [KATE NV]

Ewa Justka - "Kick Studies" [Ewa Justka]

FAX - "Ojo de Agua" [Static Discos]

ensemble, et al. - "Typewriters" [ensemble, et al.]

Daniel Ruane & smog - "B1. Daniel Ruane - Dissident (smog Remix)" [oqko]

Brinstaar - "Floatbirt Clockenspiel" [Kotä Records]

Nadia Struiwigh - "Intrope" [CPU Records]






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