MONDAY MIXTAPE: piska power

piska down

Stefan Junge a.k.a. Piska Power a.k.a. Junge (for his straight techno productions) took his ride from Iron Maiden and Dune’s „Hardcore Vibes“, messing around with techno some ten years ago and got into producing right afterwards, which led into a bunch of self-released titles. His love to cumbia, a sound that got him while travelling south america in 2009, resulted in numerous edits and remixes and collabs with mexico’s Kevin Sigler Dorado (Sigsonbia) and peruvian singer Nel Eb as „Powersonbia“. He's also spinning cumbia as "Puño de Güiro".

The mix he delivered is something hard to describe, super pitched down techno with a nagging, obsessing, somewhat of a industrial background sound into it without being annoying.

„The idea to do this mix came to me because Kris Baha, who runs the label Power Station, pitched down a track I did.

„How dare he“ I thought. The original track had 133 bpm and pushed you forward listening to it and wasn’t meant to be pitched down and become a „slo mo beatdown couch potatoe“.

But after a while it made sense and I enjoyed it.

Until now I don’t know how much bpm the released track will have, but you can find out in spring next year when the fifth power station will be pulled out.

The other tracks in the mix are unreleased as well and played by me, except the first track which is by Alan James Read.“

A refreshing new entry to our mixtape series. Enjoy! We do.




01 – Alan James Read – B
02 – Piska Power – Flöha
03 – Piska Power – Mordell (Power Station)
04 – Piska Power – Am I Diagonal 
05 – Piska Power – Rum (Power Station)

Some parts are played live ( with a 2 fm bell synth + drum machine) some not


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