"Appreciate It While It's Not Too Late"

We told you, it’s east euro weeks here in our Monday Mixtape section. So, here’s another great one by Alex Pletnev aka Ponty Mython. Alex is originally from Russia and an old buddy of Phil Gerus but currently settled in Vilnius, Lithuania, where - just to assure us that it's a small world we're living in - he’s a neighbor of Roe Deers. His very first release in 2012 on ‘No More Hits’ gave a solid impression of what was to come: releases on Tusk Wax, Beats Delivery, Arma, Capital Bass, Dirt Crew Recordings, We Will Always Be A Love Song, Quintessentials, Burnin Music and many more, including remixes from loud names as Red RackemEjeca, Octo Octa, OOFT! and Christophe. He also teamed up with Kirill Sergeev (Kito Jempere) to run their own record label and throwing huge parties under the name Beats Delivery.

Alex is mostly DJing, but on rare and fortunate occasions he has been known to bring a table full of analog toys to deliver colourful and considered live performances.

This this mix is dedicated to the forthcoming EP on Futureboogie out in a week.



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