"run the jewels"

After our last transmission, Gallo’s superb and smooth summer bliss, Roni Amitai is grabbing your guts today, delivering a raw and emotional mix full of electro, acid and techno infused stuff with lots of groove.

Roni is a DJ and producer from Tel Aviv, co-founder of the collective ‘Dov Gummy’- a fresh techno community based in Tel Aviv, aiming to color the dark underground world, doing events in unusual locations around the city.
She’s also a co-founder of Terra Festival, well known in Israel’s underground scene.

With the power of rhythm and energy in her sets you probably might guess Roni’s second love alongside DJing - dance and choreography.

Nowadays she’s working on her first release (being released later this year) and DJing at the key clubs in Israel ‘The Block’, ‘Alphabet’, ‘Slippers99’, ’Breakfast Club’, ‘Beit Maariv’, etc. 



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