New Albums

spring break edition #2

JON HOPKINS : singularity : Domino (04.05.18)
It almost felt a bit strange that his previous album “Immunity“ of all things got him the wide recognition he so clearly deserved, as his interpretation of clubland must’ve felt a bit other-wordly to those who admired his fully-accomplished and predominantly lush compositions right from the start. “Singularity“ now manifests itself as the logical follow-up to his breakthrough album, and if you like your electronic (dance) music split between the intense, euphoric and overall beautiful, then Mr. Hopkins might have delivered this year´s holy grail for you once again. 7.5/10

ICEAGE : beyondless : Matador (04.05.18)
Remember how much you immediately loved them when they released “New Brigade“ but then you became distracted by Instagram, binge-watching any series your friends recommended to you and the members’ many side-projects, up to the point where you somehow started to slightly forget or even dislike Denmark’s finest for no good reason? Well, this most certainly won’t happen again. 9/10

THE BEAT ESCAPE : life is short the answer’s long : Bella Union (27.04.18)
Absolutely Free. Junior Boys. Miracle Fortress. There actually is a long list of Canadian artists that somehow managed the rare feat of creating something fresh and exciting from rather classic musical set pieces by adding an original vision of what electronic pop music could sound like today. Montreal’s The Beat Escape flawlessly join this list by mixing shoegaze with a rather chilled idea of clubland to overall impressive results. Not to be missed! 8.75/10

DJ KOZE : knock knock : Pampa Records (04.05.18)
Mr. Kozalla presents this musical gift basket filled with vocal collaborations, smoothly melted pop and inimitable mirrorball anthems which simply resists to leave your stereo anytime soon, regardless how hard you’ll try. Seriously, this is as good as it gets, the most mischievous, elaborately ecstatic and sun-drenched album you’ll hear all year. 9.75/10

BEACH HOUSE : 7 : Bella Union (11.05.18)
Over the years, Baltimore-based duo Beach House had definitely found their formula - which doesn’t imply that their songs turned into regular bores, it just points out the aha-effect was slowly wearing out as their sound was clearly losing its momentum. Their new album “7“ now feels like a much-welcome new direction as the songs move in rather unpredictable directions, they suddenly feel urgent, intense and definitely a lot more richly textured. 8/10

FORTH WANDERERS : s/t : Sub Pop (27.04.18)
Their accidental hit “Slop“ recalled the heydays of heartfelt slacker pop, which caught a lot of attention all the more since it was played by a handful of friends from New Jersey that haven’t even left high school yet. A few years later they’re about to release their debut for Sub Pop, the songs feel a bit rougher while Ava Trilling’s voice definitely matured resulting in an album that isn’t interested in instant hits at all. 7/10