nina kraviz


«  I am a musician because I didn’t have anything to do with it when I was a kid » - Nina Kraviz. 

The incredible, hard-worker and well-known Dj Nina Kraviz gave a nice interview to the electronic music webzine Resident Advisor in Berlin to promote her Dj-Kicks. Indeed, she has been chosen to make the first Dj-Kicks of 2015 from the label ! K7, It became a real institution, every year the label release one or several compilation of mix from big names from the electronic music industry. 

Nina explains that her music is very personal, spontaneous and linked with the people she meets, that are one of the reasons why she prefers to record live; she needs the connection with the crowd. Just like her music is clean, organize but always with magic, we learn that she was first a dentist working in hospital and at the same time beginning as a Dj. This is how she managed to find her performance; it’s like organizing a double life. 

Obviously, Nina doesn’t stop to impress, whether it is thru her personality, talking about music vibes or being a Dj as a woman, or thru her music. Indeed the sound doesn’t lie about her talent. One of her next project is to create her own model synthesizer...

Last December she had already revealed full details of the first record on her new label, трип, pronounced "trip" which focus on the "trippier, acidic side of electronic music". The debut release, “The Deviant Octopus”, is a compilation double-vinyl EP.

You can already order her Dj-Kicks via Itunes, in the meantime enjoy listening!