Charles Peterson x KR3W


“Amidst the chaos of a live show, I wanted to find that sense of grace. I wanted people to experience what it was like being there; the sweat, the noise, being pushed against each other”—Charles Peterson

The photographer Charles Peterson, best known for his photos of the grunge phenomenon and especially Nirvana, just opened is photo-archive for the collaboration with the brand KR3W.

Peterson’s photographs became the image of a youth renewal thru the grunge music in the end of the 1980’s, beginning of 1990’s. He realized hundreds of record covers, and appeared in publications worldwide including The New York Times, Mojo, Rolling Stone, Spin, Entertainment Weekly, The Independent, Guitar World and Newsweek.

His photographs have been exhibited worldwide, especially as part of major rock’n’roll photography retrospectives and books. He took part as well of the documentary ‘Sonic Highways’ by Dave Grohl released on HBO. Indeed the grunge movement has revolutionized the rock music, giving it a new breath, and Peterson managed to capture the feeling of this era thru his photographs.

The Charles Peterson x KR3W RIGHTS REFUSED collaboration is available at select retailers globally this February.

Director/Cinematographer/Editor: Riley Blakeway
Art Direction: Deke Angel
Music by: Rome Pays Off
Audio Mix: Nick Benik
Interview Location: The Crocodile
Special Thanks: Mark Beazley and Adam Wakeling