Poetic Collective

White Black Colour

Conceptual art meets interpretation of space through extreme sports. Obviously a skateboarding art project inspired by Marcel Duchamp and the Dadaist movement had to be done, the only shocking thing is no one did it sooner!

"White Black Colour" is the second full length skateboard video from Poetic Collective, divided into three chapters, the video explores different moods and aesthetics.
Throughout the video we hear the voice of Marcel Duchamp discuss using ready made objects to create art, about the idea of movement and how anything can be beautiful.


The video was shot in at various locations including Malmö, Berlin, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Oslo and Copenhagen.
Filmed by Tom Botwid, Paul Botwid, Klas Andersson, Peter Johansson. Additional filming by Anthony Roscini, Dennis Rönnqvist, Jakob Runow, Robert Gutowski, Simon Källkvist, Robin Lundberg, Marcys Bengtsson.
Poetic Collective consists of Tom Botwid, Paul Botwid, Peter Johansson, Sarah Meurle, Simon Källkvist, Klas Andersson, Danny Westin and John Nordh.