Puerto Peñasco

supported by Levi's Skateboarding

Since 2011 Levi’s Skateboarding realized outstanding DIY projects worldwide to support the local skateboarding scene. Puerto Peñasco in Mexico saw their first real skate park coming to life a couple months ago. Amongst others Marius Syvanen, Josh Matthews, Al Partanen, Joey Pepper, Pat Moran and Dan Plunkett came down to help and test out the new collection. Kiko Munro, the mayor of Puerto Peñasco emphasized: “The project will have an important social impact as it represents a new alternative for youth.."

For the Fall Collection the Levi’s® Skateboarding design team were able to profit from more than one hundred years of workwear design expertise and fused that with a military design aesthetic inspired by the Army Corps of Engineers who helped to construct and transform the hometown San Francisco. The garments had to be simple, purposeful, offer mobility and be incredibly durable. All of these attributes are very similar to the needs of a skateboarder. 

Different cuts of jeans, the Work Pant and Cargo Pant return as staples in new materials and colorways and offer unmatched mobility and durability. The Field Jacket comes in digital camo, while the Cargo Pant is looking fly in classic corduroy. Earthy tones go perfectly with black, the denim range and different flannel shirts. Check out the whole range here or at your local skateshop.