Movies from Russia

"THE STAR" (“Zvezda”)

Moscow in the mirror of a modern eccentric city. Beautiful women, rich Oligarchs and the usual bustle between the sexes. Masha, a rather average talented model and wannabe actress, is forfeited to the delusion of cosmetic surgery. In the course of the film, she is trying to replace her lack of talent by permanent cosmetic surgery. She is supported by the amorous Kostya, an unrecognized son of a Moscow Oligarch, who is taking care of the money necessary for the operations. In the course of this, he staged raids to impress Masha. Both act refreshing and very talented in their naive nature. Meanwhile, Kostya's young and super stylish stepmother Rita is busy blowing all the money from her Oligarch. Living in a huge luxury house of the finest architecture, the message is incidentally brought over that the super-rich do not only live in America.

However, Rita becomes cocky and tells her lover that she hates him, while having sex. Thus, the limit is reached. He throws her out and the actual more serious plot of this movie gains momentum. After the withdrawal of all luxury items including the Porsche 911, an odyssey of suffering begins. The whole thing is dramatized by her misdiagnosis of a supposedly fatal illness. In the course of the action, Rita, Masha and Kostya finally hit each other and decide to leave their troubled past behind. This creates poignant scenes full of tragedy and comedy- a successful opening to this year's Russian film week with continuous excitement.


Tragicomedy – 128 min., 2014
Directed by Anna Melikjan
Tinatin Dalakischwili, Sewerija Januschauskajte, Pawel Tabakow, Andrej Smoljakow, and others.