Seoul, Past and Neo

In 2003 the Songdo International Business District, aka Songdo  was launched to build one of the smartest cities in the world, which is entirely connected, monitored and optimized with the newest technologies for sustainability, transportation, and safety. The development project costs more than 40 billion dollars and will be used as the leading model for future cities worldwide.

A good crew from Carhartt WIP’ skateboard team visited Seoul and the contrasting innovative Songdo. Get a glimpse of how skating a "future city" could be like.

Featuring Aaron Herrington, Joseph Biais, Chris Milic, Andrew Wilson, Yoshihiro “Deshi” Omoto, Jerome Campbell and Max Palmer

Filmed and edited by Joaquim Bayle
Narrative by Jin Yob Kim
Photos by Pep Kim (Deshi & Aaron Herrington)