interview #FindYourMagic

On the occasion of the #FindYourMagic campaign launch, we interviewed Willy from Dressed Like Machines to chat about his cover story, Berlin, DrLiMa, social media & the NBA..

How did the cooperation & your cover for the AXE Magazine come together?
The agency asked me to do that, so it was a big suprise for me and I didnt need much time to say yes. It's the biggest project in my career.

How do you connect personally with the message?
I like the message because you stand for something, as a person. My passion is tattoos, so AXE let me do my thing with tattoos and build a campaign about it, thats the reason I love this campaign. I'm a crazy guy, I like pain but I also like stories behind me body. Tattooing became a big part in my life. AXE recognized this and it fits perfect to the freagrance.

What fascinates you about Berlin?
I lived here for about 5 years. The most beautiful thing in Berlin is the multicultural mix of people from all over the world. Everytime when I go out I see new people, meet new people and learn something new. so this is the reason I love berlin so much.

What do you dislike?
The development of the city. They build new malls, bigger streets and the people getting annoyed of it. So the problem is, that too many people want to come to berlin. There are also people, who didn't really know, what they wanna do in the city. They only want to live here, so they could say „Hey, I live in Berlin, I'm a cool guy.“ Thats not so cool for me personally.

Where do you see the city in ten years?
I really dont know. Its a bag full of suprises. I hope the city come back to their roots, they should keep their parks, the green areas like tempelhofer feld and stuff. So I hope the city dont become the next New York or London or stuff like that. Berlin is warm, Berlin welcomes all people from all over the world. They should keep that in mind.

What was your intention to start Dressed Like Machines and how did that change in the last 10 years?
Dressed Like Machines started on a sunday 8 years ago, when I was stoned and bored. I started to write about music stuff and got first fans. The fanbase grew bigger and bigger and I started to write about everything I like from the WWW. That's a simple story, but there is nothing more to tell about. Today it's my fulltime job, I love this job, I love the blog and I love every person, who visits the site everyday. 

How do you observe the development & influence of social media / quality-quantity in the last ten years?
Difficult to say.  When I started this whole thing, it was easy to grow and get attention from agencies. But today, there are so many people who want to earn money with social media, instagram or whatever. It's hard to be unique in the scene today. Most of the people are good, dont understand me wrong, but I think most of them don't have the whole package: a blog, a good facebook page AND a good instagram account. I really dont know, how the development of this scene will continue. Lets see :)

If you could have a supernatural power, which one would you pick and why?
Flying. Because its the most simple way to travel through destinations. Beaming is also cool :D

Travel essentials
MacBook Pro, iPhone Earbuds :p, iphone, Notebook (classic thing), Speaker and my chains :)

Top 5 records
Metallica - Garage INC
NWA - Straight Outta Compton
Dr. Dre - 2001
Radiohead - In Rainbows
Eminem - The Marshall Matthers LP

Top 5 NBA moments
Just check this video, it says everything: