Steve McQueen

the unseen photographs

A new collection of unpublished images of Steve McQueen by acclaimed photographer Barry Feinstein captures the public and private life of a true American icon.

Feinstein was a close personal friend of Steve McQueen and the two shared a similar laid-back approach to life, an innate cool and a passion for fast cars and motorcycles. Feinstein’s pictures of McQueen, taken between 1960-68, have all remained completely unseen until now. They are reproduced for the first time in magnificent quality in this volume. McQueen is pictured at the racetrack, on the set of his iconic film Bullitt and also relaxing in his downtime. Feinstein’s friendship with McQueen infused his photos with an intimacy rarely experienced in shots of the star. Stunning photography. Not to be missed.

The book is edited by Dagon James and Tony Nourmand and is published by Reel Art Press. You can purchase the book here