street interventions

at open walls gallery

With seven artists from the gallery’s core program, Street Art / Inventory opens the season at OPEN WALLS GalleryLevalet, ALIAS, Madame, SP38, Vermibus, Jordan Seiler and Thomas von Wittich all come from different backgrounds and have different expressions, but what they have in common is the devotion to urban interventions, as well as a unique manner of communication with the observer.

More importantly, they all showcase a conceptual coherence with their work on the street, as they continue to develop the same expression in different spaces, regardless of canvas. Art they create comes in different mediums, ranging from screen print propaganda, stencils, drawings, and collage, to adbusting and street photography, without ever diverting from the original idea of their street-based artistic activism.

Contrary to the popular trend of large-scale murals, often sponsored by large corporations, the art of these seven renegades is conceptually thought provoking and stylistically stratified, created out of sincere urge to act rather than for commercial purposes, always calling the observer to action.

Introducing these activities into a deterritorialized setting, OPEN WALLS Gallery will serve as an alternative territory for two months, a place that thrusts us deep into the vitality and originality of the Street Art movement.

Street Art / Inventory exhibition aims to support the movement and allow interested collectors, enthusiasts and first-timers in the art industry to attain pieces that have been created in the same way as their street counterparts.

The opening reception will be held on March, 2nd from 7pm to 9pm. The show will be on display until April, 30th 2017.

Schröderstr. 11
10115 Berlin