Solo and Adidas Skateboarding

THREEE is a trilogy produced by Solo together with Adidas Skateboarding featuring the new talent of adidas skateboarding hitting the European capitals. The three part video series is accompanied by three  interviews introducing us to the new team personalities.

First up is 26-year-old Filip Almvqvist from Malmö, Sweden. Almvqvist currently hustles as a driver for a construction equipment company, but for him, “There’s nothing comparable to skating. It’s like a drug.” 

He jokes that besides the Malmö skate school and all the new parks being built, the abundance of gnarly skaters coming out of Scandinavia might have something to do with all the meat balls.



“It would be fun to be an actor actually. I love to play around with different roles and accents and stuff like that. Maybe like Jason Lee, but with a little bit more action. Ever since I was a kid, I wanted to play in a war movie. I was always acting like I was in war, running though the apartment screaming everywhere!” Almvqvist, who began episode one doing impersonations from each city they went too, brings a carefree playful attitude to the crew.

He says that the best thing about skateboarding is the freedom, "It’s so loose, you can do anything. There are no strict rules and it never ends.” 

Pol Catena from Barcelona was asked to join the Spanish Olympic team, but he says that nothing is final yet.



“I’m really into jumping down things. I love to fly. That’s the best feeling. I enjoy it so much. For sure I also have a super nice feeling when I’m skating on a ledge, but it’s not even comparable to jumping,” he said.

Catena says he loves skating Berlin, "It’s just such an amazing city. I also heard about some crazy party stories - but I did’t try it out yet. Maybe I’ll give it a chance one time in the future.

No crew would be complete without an Italian stallion. Ruben Spelta, when he’s not doing some modeling stuff, spends his time skating and painting (mostly shoes and clothes). 

He says Milano Centrale might be the best skate spot in all of Italy, "even though the ledges and stuff are a little bit fucked and rough. But that doesn’t matter, skaters from all over Italy and all over the world come here every day. because of that there’s always such a good vibe and you can skate without getting kicked out, drink some beers and just have the best time ever."

18-year-old Heitor da Silva originally from Brazil keeps skateboarding slacker, the way we like it, “I don’t really have, like, plans. I take it day by day and then I just see what happens.”



Photos by Alex Pires and Gerard Riera through Solo skatemag