against that plastic waste

Germany was flooded by a (plastic) garbage wave overnight. With the plastic-critical installations in Germany's large cities committed by a fritz-kola guerilla force, initiator of the “TRINK AUS GLAS”. The movement wants a system change in the beverage industry and should encourage people to use, buy and drink from glass bottles - as natural as they avoid plastic bags. fritz-kola has been building on glass bottles since its very start in 2002. All fritz drinks have only been available in glass bottles and there are reasons: Glass bottles can be melted down and in the sense of a real circular economy without losing quality, glass is 100 percent recyclable. Glass re-usable bottles can be used up to 50 times if its collected, cleaned and refilled. This saves resources and avoids waste that occurs in the multiple production of disposable bottles or cans. There is also the fact that glass is tasteless, does not release microplastics or plasticizers and prevents the carbon dioxide from escaping, so drinks stay fresh longer.

fritz-kola does not want to use reusable glass alone, but with others on the same tip and calls to the industry, commerce, politics and society to participate in the "Trink-Aus-Glas" movement to share responsibility and to adopt a more sustainable life. #trinkausglas 

The starting shot for the movement was in Hamburg (Spielbudenplatz), Berlin (Sony Center), Munich (Isartor) and Stuttgart (Hauptbahnhof). On January 20-21 large installations made of plastic waste were installed to visualize a flood of plastic waste and make clear that littering is an acute problem.