W.H. Lung

Pearl in the Palm

W.H. Lung's 2019 debut “Incidental Music“ put the band on the radar of critics and audiences alike in no time, a vivid mix of synth-pop, krautrock and lots of groove. Two years later the quintet isn't only back for more, they easily confirm their status of being a band that's destined to be big anytime soon.

The first single “Pearl in the Palm“ is an ode to the dance floor that they had missed over the last year or so. Singer Joe Evans explains. “We wanted to move away from easing people in and grab them by the heart straight away. I reflected on how we played live shows and romanticised about launching onto the stage in a bundle of energy and starting the party, no messing. The directness comes from making music more intuitively, and more from a place of fun. We were writing music that affirmed how much we missed dancing in sweaty rooms, enjoying the company of a collection of beautiful friendly strangers.”

“Vanities“ will be out on Sept 3 via Melodic. Check the great vid to the first teaser out below.