“I found comfort in making music, it was always pretty healing”, he recalls. “Then, for the first time, music couldn't help me.”

When everything stops, it's time to readjust your point of view. Dori Sadovnik, one half of celebrated duo Red Axes, did exactly that... and the result will hit us on July 9 via Parrot Cake - Life and Death's new imprint for experimental rave and IDM-influenced sounds.

“Following a once-unfathomable summer of uncertainty, Sadnovik departed Paris with his girlfriend in order to retreat to the mountains, plotting to complete his record as the seasons changed. Far removed from his extensive analogue studio, the album was completed on a laptop using only a patchwork of recording from years on the road, a challenging but equally liberating contrast to the limitless space and dramatic landscape that informs the album’s mood.

This all-encompassing, blissful philosophy is deeply felt throughout 130-150, a fluid blend of analogue and digital sounds rendered as organic as the landscape that inspires the album. Interlocking rhythms evolve into unexpected chamber pieces and bubbling acid lines blossom into rave psychedelia on opening tracks such as ‘Weird Day’ and ‘Flowers’, progressing to the sound of ‘Takak’, which inspires meditations on enormous bass weight, as mantras creep in from the surrounding forest of sound.

In the album’s second-half, this sincere sense of awe expands further still. Centrepiece tracks ‘In The Valley’ inspires a true sense of wonder and transcendence, complex rhythms blending with wide-eyed reverence. ‘Smile’ is trippy and innocent while ‘Elleven’ crackles with whispering energy over whiplash breakbeats. Concluding with ‘Heart’, Sadnovik reduces the pace to a stepping, heavy rhythm, commanding a deep sense of respect for the untamed wilderness that has served as such a unique muse.“