adidas x satomi nakamura

adidas Originals is introducing its new apparel collection for 2017 named XBYO (x-by-o). This new range is build on collaborative approach to design a comprehensive minilist wardrobe aiming at the future looks of streetwear. 

For its inaugural collection, XBYO holds reference to adidas Originals’ first ever apparel range, distinguished by a signature cross motif taken from the heel-detail of the 1959 adidas Italia. Cuts for the collection were collaboratively devised by renowned pattern maker Satomi Nakamura, bringing a sharpened and refined cut to classic sportswear designs. “Creation and Material cannot exist separately, thus material is as important as creating pattern. I created garments which exist on the border line between urban wear and sports wear.”

The final collection is then constructed from an exclusive premium Japanese terry cotton from Yamayo Textiles, which is continuing a long lasting relationship between the factory and adidas Originals that has endured over half a century. 

The iconic ‘X,’ adorning each piece produced by this connection, has evolved to represent the cross section of two elements, uniting East and West, sport and everyday life, form and function. It began with the ‘X’ and it certainly will not end there. This is the story of XBYO. 

For Yamashita-san of Yamayo Textiles, adidas doesn’t simply represent a long and successful business partnership. It’s continuing a heritage of mutual respect and a friendship that has grown over the course of 50 years: “I’m proud of the fact that so many big-hit items were produced at this factory in my lifetime.” 

Satomi Nakamura took several trips to the adidas headquarters in Herzogenaurach to collaborate with the team and help define XBYO’s initial collection. The goal was to create a pleasing and flattering silhouette that still enjoyed a generous range of motion. 

“Having worked more in fashion until now, my mindset was more in that direction, but by working with adidas, I began to think about sports as well. Bringing the two directions together was quite a challenge.” Ms. Nakamura points out. “We have to be responsible for the parts of the form you can’t see just as much as what you can see from the front.” 

The adidas Italia began as a running shoe. It was introduced in 1959, and would later become the most popular shoe at the 1960 Olympics in Rome. It was known for its signature jagged green tensile tape that wrapped around the side of the shoe and crisscrossed over the heel. This was the beginning of the ‘X.’

Photography in Berlin by Marchi Marchell, Models: Tam & Whitey, Glasses by Pawaka