Ivars Gravlejs


A lot of people think that for a good picture it is enough to buy an expensive camera and then success will be guaranteed. 

But ­without careful studying and many years of practice a good picture is ­possible to make only by accident.

Once you decide to photograph, think carefully about what you want to ­picture, do not forget about the composition and lighting, do not get upset, relax and concentrate on the subject.

"Gravlejs’ work prior exemplifies humor and a feeling of the marginal artist. I tend to champion this sort of aesthetic and this book is within his trajectory as an artist. I do look forward to his next move. I love the absurdity and it is nice to see dienacht pick up a name that is reasonably well known in current photography. Calin from dienacht tends to dig up work that I have not seen before for which I am grateful." – Brad Feuerhelm, American Suburb X

Gold paper cover, 32 Pages
Size: 12 x 19 cm, copper staple binding
Comes with a key strap and silkscreened plastic sleeve

via dnacht

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