Y-3 just previewed their Spring/Summer 2016 collection, focusing on motion and sheer movability. Yohji Yamamoto himself mentioned that he's not interested in fashion, but in how the clothes can be cut. I think you can feel his urge to re-invent things when looking at the collection and get a glimpse of the kinetic grace with sheer, fluid, ultra-light pieces designed to move.

The drawings he created are not just a sketch of the clothes, they are also appearing as prints on the cloth. The pieces are a mix ba simple but highly conscious cuts from Y and the propably most famous three stripes on this planet. Some people may have expected it all to be mostly black & white, but there are some nice splashes of color.

The whole work was presented during Paris Men’s Fashion Week at the Lycée Carnot on past Sunday June 28, supported by the "TAO Dance Theater”, choreography by Tao Ye.



Two key styles from the Y3 Spring/Summer 2016 collection are available for pre-order on Y-3.com. This offer will only last until the 6th of July.