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NYC graffiti in 1976

A BBC short documentary about NYC graffiti from the late 1970s is available to stream. The 1970s were one of NYC's toughest decades—and in the background of all the crime, the NYPD corruption, and the urban decay, was a growing graffiti scene.

For many graffiti was an eyesore in NYC, indeed it was difficult to see the original colours of the trains in the 1970s, but a few people could acknowledge it as art or expression.

"I think it's really foolishness… people have nothing better to do, so they go write on the walls. They should take them home. Write on your walls at home. It makes the city look very stupid."


“We need something a lot more revolutionary. Whatever message it wants to convey has to be dug out of it. I look at it, right? But offhand, I can’t see the message. I can’t hear it but I know its there. The message is revolution.”

Check it below.

(For the persons in Germany you might need to use a proxy to watch the video, you can use ProxTube and it's easy to download.) Be wild and outlaw - it goes with the topic of this article.