5 Music Genres


As new artists try and make a success in the music industry, newer music genres are created in the hope an upcoming artist can come up with something different to the already popular music genres. This means more music genres are created every year by new artists and it also means music lovers from around the world get to enjoy something different depending on their mood. If you’re a music lover and you’re looking to listen to something different this year, have a look at some of the following music genres that are expected to grow in popularity in 2017.

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Air Pop

Air Pop started growing in popularity in 2016, but it’s looking like it is going to be the year this eagerly anticipated music genre is going to be hit. Popular artists such as Lana Del Ray have already tried their hand at this music genre and have come up with several successful single releases, which would suggest it is set to boom this year if other top artists follow suit.

Dark Bass

If you are a mysterious music lover you will love what the dark bass genre has on offer. It’s much like the underground style of music and bands like Plush City seem to be taking the music genre to new levels in 2017. Whether the genre really takes off remains to be seen, but it’s well sought after in the underground music community. 

Progressive Heavy Electro Rock

Many music lovers think the rock music genre is destined to be six feet under, but with new rock genres such as the latest progressive heavy electro rock, it has bound current popular forms of rock and metal music together to create something different. If you crave good beats and decent rapping skills, you will love what progressive heavy electro-rock has on offer, as it seems to offer a bit of everything for all to enjoy.  

Country Dance Music

Country and dance music infused together; who would have thought it? But, with the much-loved release of Timber by Pit Bull last year that features Kesha, it could well be the music genre to look out for in 2017. Popular DJ Avicii has also been known to release a few country dance music singles and they have been played in big hit clubs in the likes of Ibiza, so it would suggest this music genre has something to offer music lovers.

Space Trap

Space Trap is one of those music genres that is unique and offers something different to the rest. The music genre is set to bring unique music fans out of the woodwork so they can express their life stories with the use of low-level rapping and groovy music.