Raised By Krump


Filmmaker Maceo Frost combines personal interviews, atmospheric scenes and a music score by Almkvist to crate this emotionally-charged ode to krump. “The more you feel and release, the more the crowd pushes you." He witnessed crowds go from wild to completely speechless. Capturing this feeling, which he describes as “spiritual goosebumps,” led him across the world to a parking lot in South Central Los Angeles.
Maceo worked with cinematographer and childhood friend Robin Asselmeyer to develop a “spiritual, divine kind of look” and the undeniable glow that seeps into each frame..

“I think Krump symbolizes every piece of what we went through growing up in our neighborhoods,” says Miss Prissy, “from being chased by gangbangers to being harassed by the police for just being who we are and what we are. It was about us going through the shit that we just couldn’t control anymore, and I feel that’s what birthed Krump.”