The Audictive Bunch

spring break, part three

DIETERICH & BARNES : the coral casino : LM Duplication

Joe: John Dieterich (Deerhoof) and Jeremy Barnes (Neutral Milk Hotel) have joined forces, they claim the day after they met, they were reunited for a jam with zero expectations and the plan to totally ignore one another and the music he was making. The result is nothing short of genius! It’s a safari exploration of rhythm through space with a psychedelic twist. They also claim the album is a tribute to satellite Phillae (the first satellite to land on a comet). “The Coral Casino“ might not be easy to decode on first impression, but that’s the beauty of it. 9/10

MAX GRAEF & GLENN ASTRO : the yard work simulator : Ninja Tune

Seven: Money $ex Records. Box Aus Holz. The Gym. And now even time-honored Ninja Tune. There’s no escape from these fine Berlin-based gentlemen these days, so it seems. And rightly so, since their musical oeuvre has timeless classics written all over it - which basically sets them up in the same neighborhood as Floating Points. 7.5/10

DAN LISSVIK : midnight : Smalltown Supersound

Joe: Moving on from his exploration of next level Balearic with Studio, there is a clear presence of Disco and Glitch Hop influences on this LP, propelled with heavy club music adrenaline and bass throughout. Infectiously funky throughout, mixing electronic and live instruments, “Midnight“ creates an ethereal soundscape, culminating in an album that is one of those rare records that equally seem to make perfect sense to listen to before going out, and practicing weird dance moves in your favorite club as well. 8/10 

NEW MADRID : magnetkingmagnetqueen : New West Records

Seven: The Athens, Georgia based band is back and they’re in a rather playful mood this time around. Their trademark components of laid-back psych with the occasional lunge into (indie) pop spheres are still omnipresent, but the whole thing got pimped through a handful of virtuosic jams (outstanding track “36 Grams of Sugar“ even passes the 11 minute mark), which sees them flirting with ideas brought to prominence through the school of Krautrock. 7/10



GOLD PANDA : good luck and do your best : City Slang

Joe:  Gold Panda was traveling and making a documentary with photographer Laura Lewis, when an inspiring cab driver told them “Good Luck And Do Your Best“, only he said it in Japanese. His positive advice marked Gold Panda with inspiration and enthusiasm to create, and the very optimistic attitude of these words is reflected in the album. Stylistically it sits somewhere between LA’s beat scene, and the experimental UK House scene consisting of Four Tet, Caribou and Jamie XX. 8/10



TREVINO : front : Birdie

Joe: Deep into Deutsche-Techno territory, it has a dancefloor pulse from start to finish that’ll make you stomp away with joy. The man from Manchester is better known by his Drum & Bass moniker Marcus Intalex (which is the primary outlet he releases music under), and it may surprise you that the title of this two part album ‘Front' and 'Back’ was inspired by his passion for Golf, as the 18 holes consist of the front 9 and the back 9. So far we’re unsure if theres any creative correlation between the album and golf course structure, but hopefully your own sonic meanderings will reveal the truth to you. 9/10