the baddest

The show's title BAD BUZZ in bold yellow letters approaches the spotlight through misty cumulus clouds in a dark blue sky. The camera zooms in through the streets of Barcelona to focus on a backwindow, where Buzz is scribbling tirelessly to make sense out of this crazy world. Bzzzzzzzzz! Oh wait, the door bell rings..

Please introduce yourself. Where is the name Bad Buzz originated?

I'm Buzz, I live in Barcelona and spend most of my time drawing on paper or on walls, allegedly. 
Bad Buzz is just something that me and a few friends say when something shit happens. For example: “I just stood in dog shit, ah bad buzz man.“


What triggered your obsession with the Simpsons?

I'm not quiet sure, I used to watch it more when I was younger, so I guess I like the stupidity of it all and how it takes the piss out of itself. 
My obsession grew because of my collection of bootleg bart simpson figures and comics, so it's taken over my life and sometimes can't think of anything else. Sometimes I feel like Marilyn Manson.

What is your favorite episode or scene?

h man, you're killing me, Its impossible to say. I love it when they do flashbacks. But now you asked, one I watched recently was Itchy and Scratchy Land (season 6, Episode 4) The great thing about The Simpsons is I can dip in and out of any series and piss myself.

I love how you put the characters in current contexts.. Which Tinder lines would Bart & Homer Simpson use?

Whats Tinder, is it like Pornhub? 8-)

Compare Barcelona, Springfield and your home

Haha WTF I think Springfield has better music and less homelessness.

What keeps you sparked up while you draw? 

Music, The Simpsons, Water, Red tea, 

Top 5 songs or LP’s on heavy rotation, when you draw?

Bad Brains - Black Dots
Suicidal Tendencies - Join the Army
Beck - Stereopathetic Soulmanure
Slayer - Repentless 
Blue Afternoon - Tim Buckley

You’re part of the upcoming “Makin Paper“ zine show in Berlin..  How did you become introduced to the culture of zines? 

I was always into zines as a kid because of music and skateboarding and still support creatives and buy their zines. I collect and have always been into Ed Templeton's zines / books. But ones I have bought recently which you may not know are :-

What are some of the zines you admire? 

Yulka Castle by Tadej Vaukman (published by 585 Zines)
DLTPS (days longer than pork sausage) by Gabriel Corbera (published by Space Face Books)  
Extrasolar by Roberto Massó (published by Fosfatina)
Raw Velocity - Matt Lock (published by Woodchip Books)

What do you love and find challenging about zine making? How do you compare zines to “money jobs”?

The best thing to do is to shut down the computer /phone. Put some music on, get loads of magazines out on the floor for inspiration, draw, cut and paste everything on a B+W photocopier. For me its always challenging because I pull my eyes out to try and make something new, surprising and hope people find it funny and inspiring. 
Their is no comparison. Ha ha what are these money jobs you speak of? Would love to get paid for my own stuff, but I'm not into Stencils. 

If you would be able to live entirely on canvas who would you be? 


If you could pick a superpower, which one would it be & why?

Is remove all world leaders and replace with Bart Simpson – a superpower? When I say remove I don't mean anything nasty, maybe they can all go live on a new planet together along with their yes men and Richard Branson. 

On which projects are you working at the moment / looking forward to work on? 

I'm self releasing a bunch of new stuff soon, 6 panel caps, handmade patches and t-shirts. They will be on hopefully by the time this go's out.  

Right now I'm working on x3 new riso zines, the first one to be released is called Samson Familia, a stupid bootleg bart comic. At some point when I get time I'm going to make my own Action Figures with a friend from Berlin.  

Cheers Guys! Buzz d8-)