Afro Alpine Dub

Afro Alpine Dub?
Dub. Dub come and save me. Fuck that! Save us all! Where’s the hottest block party at? Shoot us the coordinates! Hit us up on FB. Like ASAP! No! Fuck that! Make that now! Like RIGHT NOW. Note: now when we say a block party we mean a fucking block party! That shit better have a thick ass sound system set up. Preferably something like what them Dub Stuy crew them have back in Brooklyn. It better be hand-made: sculpted and wired with love. And the sound coming out of it better be all warm and fuzzy. You know why?! Because we just got that new EP from Dubokaj and Fortune Shumba. 

This is Alpine Dub meets South African swag. Make that Lover’s Dub 3.5. Whatever you wanna call it, you better blaze to it. Melt into it. Make babies to it. Whaaaa ?! Fortune Shumba said that it’s imperative to make babies to this. He did. For real! So Fuck Future R&B because Afro-Alpine is that new shit! Lucky you, cause we’re gonna hit you off with a preview.