Batuhan Bozkurt

touch pianist

You might have dreamt about becoming a piano virtuoso but it is most likely that it didn't turn out that way. To "recover" from this “lack” of talent there is ‘Touch Pianist’. It’s a website in which you press any key in order to advance a piece of classical music one note at a time. It’s unlike Guitar Hero in that, if you stop typing, the music stops playing, but there’s still challenge if you need to match the rhythm of your actions to that of the original piece. It’s quite lovely.

Behind this creation is a Turkish developer, Batuhan Bozkurt, who shared  the link to ‘Touch Pianist’ on Reddit this week.

Thus, It’s not just an interactive toy for classical music lovers but it simply helps to understand rhythm and musical nuance.

Some people already reacted to this new invention and the creator promised to add more musical pieces.

This made me shed a tear. I played the piano for years but due to a physical disability I can no longer play like I used to. Pressing the keys, maintaining rhythm and hearing the music come out is the closest feeling I got to what is now a forgotten memory.” User Idank.