entrepreneurs extraordinaires

Planen und Saegen is a Berlin-based company that specializes in room design and conceptual exhibition work. Defined by the surrounding environments, the flow of the creation is adapting to the context. Their services extend from handcrafted concepts, exhibitions & movie/stage scenery, skateparks, to consulting work for communities and private contractors. In a time of solid steel and heavy stones it is pleasing to see wood taking over parts of the urban area. Just imagine the lovely smell of a wood workshop..

The planning part comes with surprisingly fresh ideas, the ex-trees come in custom shapes like waves, concave triangles, or even a giant puzzle piece. But it doesn’t end with big things made of wood you can skate, for example, they have built an awesome stage design out of old doors and windows. Take a moment off and enjoy the video and the exclusive photographs of their latest project: Building a complete house from the scratch in Bayreuth.