Bob Vylan

Grime Music Made Me Do It

With a 2018 that saw them play Afropunk London at the o2 Academy Brixton, be the penultimate act at Decolonsie fest and ended with a gig at the famous Berghain in Berlin, Bob Vylan (pronounced Villain) are keeping the same momentu in 2019 with the release of their new EP ‘Dread’. The London based duo consisting of Bobby (vocals and production) and Bobb13 (drums and spiritual inspiration) have created an 8-track burst of punk-rock-grime that somehow manages to discuss themes of death, religion, the appropriation of working class culture and the occasional violent nature of the band itself.

In a time where the lines of genre are blurred more than ever, ‘Dread’ blends together elements of hardcore punk and grime to create songs with abrasive guitar riffs that compliment not only Bobby’s often aggressive delivery, but also the vocal samples of various grime emcees that appear throughout. Unprecedented in its blending of punk and grime, ‘Dread’ remains as sinfully D.I.Y as the two genres it lends itself to, being completely produced and released by themselves. Continuing to create the music missing from their own lives, Bob Vylan are pushing the boundaries of genre and will once again be taking their unique sound and provocative stage antics on tour throughout the UK and Europe later this year. Stay tuned!