Dr. martens x rick griffin

Artist and psychedelic poster designer, Rick Griffin is remembered for his staggering contribution to music artwork during the 60s and 70s. He quickly became intertwined with the rock-art scene and psychedelia, creating iconic imagery for Jimi Hendrix and bands like The Grateful Dead. Drawing on his comic and zine background, Rick’s work is a mash-up of lurid colours, melting text and surrealist characters.

Griffin is also a well-known name in the southern californian surf culture by creating the character and comic-strip "Murphy" for Surfer Magazine in 1961.

His work also appeared in the underground comic series and "Zap Comix". An independent publication which plead for the youth counterculture of the late 60's.

Given his affinity for music and subcultures, it’s fitting Dr. Martens honour Rick Griffin’s legacy with a very special collection. His artwork fires up the already rebellious and alternative spirit of England's finest. 

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