Dry Cleaning

eloquent noise

Girls in Synthesis. Shame. Black Country, New Road. Black Midi. Squid. Whether it’s connected to Brexit or to the general climate of uncertainty we’re all living in, London lately has prooved itself as being an impressively fertile ground for furious young bands that just love to expand and redefine the concept of what people tend to label as post punk. And after two fabulous EPs in 2019 it’s now on Dry Cleaning to add urgent new nuances to a familiar musical fundament.

On their debut for indie stalwart 4AD the London-based quartet basically perfect what they know best by now: juxtaposing the kinetic energy of guitarist Tom Dowse, bassist Lewis Maynard and drummer Nick Buxton with the deadpan and highly sardonic delivery of vocalist Florence Shaw. For about a decade already, Shaw noted down weird YouTube comments, everyday observations and snippets of conversations she overheard on the bus with no real sense for the actual purpose of it all. This obviously changed when she agreed to join the band, channeling this cut-up style into lyrics written for characters that aren’t herself at all. The result is such a dominating performance, it’s almost easy to miss how kick-ass the original songs actually are.

At any other time, Dry Cleaning would’ve been on everybody’s radar already. In times of the ongoing pandemic it might take a little longer than expected for their unique feverish sound to travel. In the meantime there’s “New Long Leg“ to prepare you for next year’s festival season.

New Long Leg / album / 4AD