Thank you all who came by to check out our 3rd zine fair on the 4. - 6.06. 2021 at HVW8 Linienstrasse 161, 10115 Berlin.

We had a great time presenting what independent publishers and artist delivered to the analog aka real world putting printed matter at your hands to feel and smell the paper.

We had the greatest luck with the weather as summer was just kicking in - acknowledging the fact that there was no springtime this year. Also restrictions due to Covid were losing up and the people just poured out on the streets.

Again... thanks to all the publishers giving their trust and outcome to our hands. We tried to give everyone a platform.

shout outs to:

innenbooks - Nieves - Possible Books - Risiko Magazine - 1/3 Books - JB.Institute - Superblast - Allister Lee - Christian Hoosen - Kaws - Stefan Marx - Favorite_Nightmares - C.C.P. Publications - Studio Manuel Raeder - Lennie Kampf - Maria Sagun - Johannes Wohnseifer - einhundert - Friz Freleng ...

Much appreciated was the support by Happy Socks and & Edwin Europe to make it possible.

some selected zines are now available at the loshop!